Binah’s Dream- New E.P.


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Celebrating the life of Binah Zing (1985-2014), this E.P. was written in the wake of the passing of a brilliant soul, who’s life and purpose wove spells of deep magic into the core of my being…

‘Binah’s Dream’ was created and recorded in the first hours after I learned of my sweet sister/collaborator/muse/ancient friends’ death. ‘Life As Art’, was then written just a few weeks after and produced with Entheo at OneDoorLand, Binah’s artist sanctuary. The Remix for ‘Unstoppable Joy’ was made in her honor, again by very dear friends Entheo (Theo and Amma Grace), who share my love of the exquisite genius elf that is our beloved Binah.

Words fall short to describe her impact and legacy on my life and on the lives of thousands of others. I offer this music as a gift to our community, to all the ones who loved her deep. May these songs honor her memory and be a reminder of the preciousness of love, the sacredness of soul kin, the power of creativity, and the blessing of living our life as art.