Holy Ground

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‘Wherever a dancer stands is holy ground.’
-Martha Graham

For as long as i can remember, i have loved to dance. not many know this about me, but years ago i was a part of a fire dance group for a short lived moment in time. Dancing was a liberating and freeing experience. and i loved every minute of it.

but with many things in life, pain crept in amidst the pleasure – when i was 20 I had a dance related injury. I could hardly move for weeks having thrown my back out. I had very little formal training, and any classes in dance i took after showcased my perceived lack of coordination and awkwardness in my body, seeing myself falling behind, not able to ‘get it’- so i quit going.

I quit dancing.
I quit seeing my body as free.

one traumatic experience, and my relationship with my body locked up

as such, the dance has been lying dormant inside this body for years. recently, a creative assignment in a class has encouraged me to dance. any chance i get. everyday. just one song.

and through the pain….. the tenderness…. the exaltation of movement….. i feel dance awakening again….

teaching me things
how I’ve held onto stories about people, places, things
in my body
helping me to let it go
making room for the spirit to flow
to dream deeper

to open up a communication between
this mind,
this heart
this body
and all creation
its a pretty rich conversation
getting juicer every day.

lets dance? even when we’re sad? even when we’re happy? even when were frustrated? even when we’re bored?

to feed the holy. to court the muse. to taste the honey of the heart.
lets give the world a reason to dance.

whats your reason?

Photo: Paul Eyeon Photography