Music Box- New Single- Collaboration w eO and Parvana Photography

Music Box Cover (eO edit)

Listen and Download Here

In 2015 I met the incredible visionary photo alchemist Nicole Erfan of Parvana Photography. We collaborated on this image, and I asked her if i could try my hand at writing a song to go with it. After she sent me the finished image, a song came in its entirety as I drove in 4 minutes from one friends house to another’s, dictating this song directly into my phone recorder.

I went home and worked out an arrangement, and asked my friend Jesse Autumn lay her harp twinkles on it (on my birthday no less). I then brought the track to the masterful and imaginative Eric Oberthaler (eO), who spent some moons gestating with it, adding brush strokes here and there, and teasing apart the cinematic glory that ultimately brought this song to its magical life.

This project is one of my favorite new ways to collaborate, beginning with a vision, an image, and crafting a song, that comes from the archetypal realm summoned. Thankyou Nicole for your patience and for being the muse for this creation, and to eO for making it what it is. This song is a dream come true for me.