Music Box- New Single- Collaboration w eO and Parvana Photography

Music Box Cover (eO edit)

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In 2015 I met the incredible visionary photo alchemist Nicole Erfan of Parvana Photography. We collaborated on this image, and I asked her if i could try my hand at writing a song to go with it. After she sent me the finished image, a song came in its entirety as I drove in 4 minutes from one friends house to another’s, dictating this song directly into my phone recorder.

I went home and worked out an arrangement, and asked my friend Jesse Autumn lay her harp twinkles on it (on my birthday no less). I then brought the track to the masterful and imaginative Eric Oberthaler (eO), who spent some moons gestating with it, adding brush strokes here and there, and teasing apart the cinematic glory that ultimately brought this song to its magical life.

This project is one of my favorite new ways to collaborate, beginning with a vision, an image, and crafting a song, that comes from the archetypal realm summoned. Thankyou Nicole for your patience and for being the muse for this creation, and to eO for making it what it is. This song is a dream come true for me.

New Music Video- Lightning In A Bottle


To start this year off with some pizzaz, I am tickled to present this video for one of my favorite songs off ‘The Garden.’ We had a great time imagining and making this picture, and hope you enjoy. Grateful to my dear friends and collaborators Penny Slinger and Dhiren Dasu for their creative brilliance with this one.

Thankyou to my amazing friends who came through to support behind the scenes- Heatherlee Richerson, Asha Ahshu, Kat Gregory, Tangelina D’aviatress, Rhiannon Henry, Andy Zenczak, Roundhouse Ninjacrew, and Carlos Lopez. I am so lucky to have you all. 

Happy New Year Fam!!
Hope all your dreams come busting through your doors, rousing you from sleep with a polka parade through your kitchen.

From my bejeweled ruby heart, to yours.
Love you to the cosmos and back.

Yin And Yang- Animated Music Video




Hey! Ive always wanted an animated Music Video….. tada!

Binah’s Dream- New E.P.


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Celebrating the life of Binah Zing (1985-2014), this E.P. was written in the wake of the passing of a brilliant soul, who’s life and purpose wove spells of deep magic into the core of my being…

‘Binah’s Dream’ was created and recorded in the first hours after I learned of my sweet sister/collaborator/muse/ancient friends’ death. ‘Life As Art’, was then written just a few weeks after and produced with Entheo at OneDoorLand, Binah’s artist sanctuary. The Remix for ‘Unstoppable Joy’ was made in her honor, again by very dear friends Entheo (Theo and Amma Grace), who share my love of the exquisite genius elf that is our beloved Binah.

Words fall short to describe her impact and legacy on my life and on the lives of thousands of others. I offer this music as a gift to our community, to all the ones who loved her deep. May these songs honor her memory and be a reminder of the preciousness of love, the sacredness of soul kin, the power of creativity, and the blessing of living our life as art.

Qi Songs For Crystal Kids

Qi Songs For Crystal Kids




This Summer, I released a children’s album called Qi Songs for Crystal Kids
lick on the link above to download, listen, and order.

These songs are inspired by a study of Qigong, a Chinese art form in health, subtle energy, inner alchemy, and spirit.

Special thanks to all my teachers, allies, and crystal kid guides who supported the creation of this vision.

May these songs inspire play in all the Crystal Kids and their communities. May we all deepen our connection to the magical realms.


Thundering Heart- New Video and Single

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 4.42.45 PM

Thundering Heart


**************    Watch The Video   **************
Last year, i had one of the most inspiring 24 hours, collaborating with my brother in rhyme, the uber talented Tyson Leonard of TROPO, and videographer Trevor Lawrence. We had 24 hours to write, record, and film this track ‘Thundering Heart’.
The vision is part of a project called TapTheFlow24, bringing artists together for 24 hours to create a piece of work. All proceeds go to support, an organization helping to bring sustainable clean water systems to folks who don’t have access.

One of the reasons I am excited about this song and the vision for ‪#TapTheFlow24‬ is that it gave us all as collaborators permission to say yes, to create magic in the moment for the benefit of a worthy cause.


I cherish our time creating this together and having 24hr limit set on us. It helped me not get trapped in perfectionism. Instead I was encouraged to ride with the magic of the first spark of creativity and musing that landed. No time for self-editing or second guessing a creative decision- an exercise in trust and play.

I REALLY love this song. I’ve been waiting since June to share the magic with you. I hope you enjoy the flow we tapped into for this moment in time. please share if you are inspired by this project. read more about the project vision here, and make a donation for clean water!

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Holy Ground

beach paul eyeon edits (1 of 1)-4

‘Wherever a dancer stands is holy ground.’
-Martha Graham

For as long as i can remember, i have loved to dance. not many know this about me, but years ago i was a part of a fire dance group for a short lived moment in time. Dancing was a liberating and freeing experience. and i loved every minute of it.

but with many things in life, pain crept in amidst the pleasure – when i was 20 I had a dance related injury. I could hardly move for weeks having thrown my back out. I had very little formal training, and any classes in dance i took after showcased my perceived lack of coordination and awkwardness in my body, seeing myself falling behind, not able to ‘get it’- so i quit going.

I quit dancing.
I quit seeing my body as free.

one traumatic experience, and my relationship with my body locked up

as such, the dance has been lying dormant inside this body for years. recently, a creative assignment in a class has encouraged me to dance. any chance i get. everyday. just one song.

and through the pain….. the tenderness…. the exaltation of movement….. i feel dance awakening again….

teaching me things
how I’ve held onto stories about people, places, things
in my body
helping me to let it go
making room for the spirit to flow
to dream deeper

to open up a communication between
this mind,
this heart
this body
and all creation
its a pretty rich conversation
getting juicer every day.

lets dance? even when we’re sad? even when we’re happy? even when were frustrated? even when we’re bored?

to feed the holy. to court the muse. to taste the honey of the heart.
lets give the world a reason to dance.

whats your reason?

Photo: Paul Eyeon Photography

Courting The Muse

julia banner

Courting the Muse.

Songs are such dynamic creatures. I was connecting with a friend last night over a midnight cup of star talk, and he asked how songs came to be.

to which i replied each song has its own unique birthing process, as if they were different species all together, some born from egg, some born from live, hard labor, some dropped off by the stork, some grown from seed sprouts which blossom over time, each season having a new wave.

some songs come all words first, in one fast poetic downpour, and the melody is later encouraged. sometimes its the reverse, a melody is heard, with pieces of words or sounds or images that flow with, and the rest of the poetry is uncovered- an archeologist brushing away dirt from the bone.

some songs come all as one, a poetic gift of muse song, transcribed in the moment complete and polished from start to finish. all that is asked is to pick up the pen at the first sign of a whisper- but if i miss it, it passes by like a hum on the wind- here one moment, gone the next.

some songs feel very contrived, my own hands craft at work- sometimes i love these songs, sometimes i never play them more than once. though these songs often clear the path for the ones which come as if the song was completed before it arrived at the door of my subconscious

there are some songs which start out as images, a vision or dream which gestates over months or years and bursts forth like a desert bloom waiting for the unexpected downpour of inspiration to crack the dry crust of a thirsty land. others come out half baked, and take several months of rest and contemplation to be understood, or for the muse to return.

some songs are strung together like constellations of collected moments of inspiration- gathered phrases of silver in my word jar, cracked open when its time to spend it all on a musing or two.

some songs, the muse is a hovering presence, a spirit demanding hours of sitting and crafting till its dream has been actualized. other muses need offerings, coaxing, skillful teasing, devotion- they want to dance. each creation a gift, and each requiring of me more openness and trust, patience and curiosity, surrender, letting go.

‘Voodoo Queen’ live from my favorite tree

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 11.46.44 AM

watch video here


Last summer I visited New Orleans, a town full of ghosts and wild spirits. My trip there deeply impacted me, and this song is based on one of the many conversations i was having through the veils. I fell in love with the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, and learned much about her history, and her medicine.

As Samhain continues through this time, I offer this song as a prayer for wandering souls in this realm. For those who grieve and celebrate lost ones.

Thank you to Dan Hartigan for making this video with me at my favorite spot in Santa Cruz.

Water Into Water- New Single and Video

Water Into Water

‘water into water’

Watch Video Here

ever since hearing Deya Dova’s album the Jasmani Garden, I have been loving vocal looping projects, and have been dreaming this sound. while ive been playign with looping for years, I recently have been inspired to go to waterfalls a write songs inspired by the beauty and energy found in these places.

this song, water into water, is the first song created with this intention. after visiting maui last year, i had a prfound experience at one of the most gorgeous falls ive ever been. in portland during my spring tour, i met david talley, and we decided to do an impromptu photo at a waterfall. I was so inspired by the photography, i asked him if i could create a song to go with the photo, and so this song was birthed.

the concept of water falling into water was a metaphor shared with me by word smith, who was relaying buddhist concepts of mindfulness. seeing our own thoughts as water flowing into water. i tried a few times to expand on this concept, attempting to pull through poetry to open up the ideas, get really heady…. and….. nothing. the song wanted to stay simple. go figure.

I am grateful to daniel berkman who brought the magesty with his amazing kora production. thanks to eric o for your special sauce addition and mastering.

enjoy this track. hope you like this flavor. more to flow soon.