Jealousy: Scarlet Crow


Check out this piece of writing I created with Carmen Crow, in our new project Scarlet Crow


“Marya- As a part of the Scarlet Crow Remembrance project, Carmen and I have been excited about the use of photography to tell stories about feminine healing. As such, one of the major issues we both see within the sisterhood is Jealousy. In our culture there is a widespread emphasis put on beauty standards – mix that with biological templates of survival, the need to attract and keep a mate – mix that with an emotionally broken and immature society: the outcome becomes some pretty deeply ingrained imprints for the female spirit to navigate trust and love with other women. So many women I speak with have shared that one of their great healing challenges is to heal this wound of trust with the feminine; to transform the experiences of betrayal and the old stories of competition. Beyond catiness and distrust, there is a yearning and pain. Personally I have gone through many layers of healing around this subject. Art is one of the ways that supports me in exploring this terrain. This photography project being an example. We wanted to create a series of pics that exercised the process of jealousy- moving from competition to collaboration; from comparison to inspiration and support.”


Full Article and Gallery







The Garden- Music Video

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Just Released this super sweet, simple music video for ‘The Garden’ created by Michael Zeligs. Enjoy!



Street Spirit: New Ep


Check out the sounds of this new EP with KR3TURE and Barry Phillips.

It is a cover of one of my all time favorite Radiohead songs.

Feeling blessed to have produced this with these two amazing artists


‘Name Your Price’ Download


Unstoppable Joy- Release Show


Aloha friends




I am beyond the moon that the song Unstoppable Joy is now released. Back in November, we had an amazing release party with a full band, string ensemble and members of Singing Wood Marimba (my muses for this song) playing the song to a full room of jumping beings. It was outrageous, and has taken me 2 months to integrate the magic into a post on this here web portal. (full fb pic album). Here’s the link from Santa Cruz Waves, who was kind enough to cover the event.

The event was designed to showcase songs from The Garden, as well as songs from my forthcoming album project Scarlet Moon Chronicles. I had the pleasure of inviting a gaggle of comrades to act out the parts of the story with me, and become a living, breathing embodiment of this tale. After venturing into the underworld, where we visited past lives, ancestors, witches, norns and other such fairytale creatures, we emerged with a song called pieces of my soul. The angel ladies passed out candles to the audience, and we stood in a circle like some magical Solstice gathering as the pieces of our soul came home to us all. From there we shaped the candles into the words ‘Unstoppable Joy’ and all was well with the world in that room as we danced out our joy.

uj live2



As a music therapist figuring out how to create performance art which brings the essence of that body of work to my community and with an audience, this evening was my most complete offering up to this point. I am still buzzing with the possibilities that this has opened up creatively for me. I think i finally believe that collaboration is possible. And wow, its as if I finally believe that we can create change on this beautiful world by acting together as a community. My heart is melting. Its taken awhile to feel this deeply.




Currently, we are creating more community play experiences to weave into a music video for this song. Once complete, more magic shall reveal itself in the form of community action and play. Here is a bit of the description and vision so far as it has come.

I offer this all with gratitude and in loving memory to my wonderful muse and ally Binah Zing, who’s enthusiasm and vision about this song and what we could do with it motivated and inspired the unfoldings that are coming forth. I love you Binah, and you are always with me.


More to come soon!


‘Crossroads’ Music Video and Article


So stoked to share this video and article with you

come watch the video and read up about the symbolism and narrative here

love you!

‘The Garden’- Lyric Analysis

the garden back

Happy Buddha
always on my mind
weeding thoughts that don’t mean
anything at all
a great big nothing I recall
the seeds we planted in the fall
are sprouting

Buddy Jesus
golden as the sun
with the kingdom of heaven
in a mustard seed
oh the simple truths of love indeed
and the youthful martyrs they do bleed
your glory

And in the garden we shall dance
to the rhythm of a trance
amidst the bounty of our thoughts
and the fruits they bear do taste
of the passions we have sought
by the fashions of our haste

Won’t you have a bite
you might think that you are naked
you might feel a little flushed
and embarrassed at the thought
but hey, its not that bad
just the apple of a seed

Happy Buddha
And Buddy Jesus
In the Garden

The song ‘The Garden” was inspired by two of my favorite books- “The Garden” and “The Eastern Path to Heaven.” In both of these books, the author speaks to a few concepts that I find to be especially useful in my own life. He describes how our thoughts, our speech, and our actions towards others create imprints in our mind. These imprints form how our reality manifests. He often uses the metaphor of a ‘seed’ to describe this process. The metaphor is found in many traditions across the world, mentioned both in Buddhist and Christian scriptures.

In “The Garden,” (the book) the main character is visited by several different enlightened beings in a garden where he first fell in love. Throughout the book these Teachers explain different aspects of the nature of suffering and Karma, including the metaphor of our world as a Garden. The fruits of our current reality are an expression of the seeds we have planted in our own minds and hearts. In “The Eastern Path to Heaven” Geshe Michael makes correlations between Buddhism and the teachings of Christ. He notes that when Christ speaks of the mustard seed holding the keys of Heaven, he is referring to the potential of every thought, word, or action to play a key role in creating Heaven on Earth. Heaven is created through how we tend to our own Garden.

In the song, I envisioned the beauty of Jesus and the Buddha, two great icons of the world’s religions, walking in the garden together. They each hold the same ultimate realizations and understanding of how Love becomes manifest. In the end, their message is the same even though sometimes their teachings can be distorted and misused. In the garden of our own minds, sometimes we fall prey to the temptation to see the world as if it was coming all from “out there” – rather than emerging from our hearts. We can learn ‘take the bite’ of the apple of the sweetness of life, but stay in the realization that we have planted that tree ourselves.

In the myth of Eden, one bites the apple of the tree of knowledge while forgetting the lessons of Life. In the song, one is ‘flushed and embarrassed by the thought’ of being naked and exposed. This reference comes from a great lecture I took with a great teacher by the name of Lama Lar Short, who invited us to consider that embarrassment is actually just the same thing as arousal: flushed face, heat rising, increased heart rate. The only difference is that when we experience embarrassment, we are running thoughts of ‘shame,’ and in pure arousal, there is none. As we come to understand that our reality is blossoming forth from us, we are becoming more and more ‘exposed’ in the unfolding of our true self. This is the apple of the seed of self-knowledge. We are returning home with no need for shame, as we plant only karmic seeds which spin out realities of pure bliss; a dance of Enlightened ones in ‘The Garden.’

Journaling Contemplations-

– Envision your own mind and heart as a garden, make a dream of what you would like to see growing there.

– What ways are you planting the world that you want with your actions, and what other actions could you take to make your world even more beautiful?

– Now that you’ve planted your seeds, how can you make sure they get all the care they need? What will you use as fertilizer? How often will you water them?

Marya Stark

Stark Levity


Aloha Friends

I have joined forces with my amazingly talented and inspired friend Travis Puntarelli to bring you a ridiculous side project ‘Stark Levity.’

We are making vaudeville inspired troubadour music with characters, costumes and other such weirdness for y/Our entertainment. Come check out the beginnings of our playcraft universe here: