Interview with Santa Cruz Locals



“If I could give both Marya Stark and her album, The Garden, a 10 out of 4 I would. By far one of the best albums I’ve heard in 2012, this project made my hair stand up in utter amazement at how musically, vocally, and sonically incredible The Garden is. If I had a million dollars to invest in an artist, Marya would get my full financial support.”
(ALBUM OF THE YEAR:- I Am Entertainment Magazine)

“Marya Stark’s voice feels as if she were reaching her hands out toward you as if to say, “Come, I’ll show you things you have never seen. I’ll take care of you on the journey.” If we were to look at the lines that map Marya’s palms, we would definitely see an old soul. That voice. It is as pure as a newborn’s breath and yet it sounds like history – the cries of joy, the whispers of intimacy and the whimpers of sadness of a thousand lifetimes.”
Ignite Magazine
“The Garden” really does feel like the place for everything. The album just doesn’t sit still and each song has moments where you sit back and think “wow”. Marya Stark’s album genuinely impresses and impales your heart. Mesmerising from start to end. I want everyone to hear her.”
-Higher Plain Music 

“Stark displays all the attributes of a major new talent, shaping an extraordinarily expansive record…..”
Simon M. – Leicester Bangs

“In ‘The Garden, Marya Stark offers an array of songs like a bouquet of exquisite blossoms. Each has its own unique qualities which enchant with their heady fragrance, a rare blend of intelligence, refined emotion, and passionate perception.  This allows her to reach in and touch our hearts and minds with her beautifully crafted words and melodies. With each track she offers a new reflection,  and we can catch our own reflection in her mirror for she strikes chords which are novel and personal yet deeply familiar.

With her extraordinary skill set, she is ;the whole package’. Her arrangements reveal the classical roots which support her stunning originality, establishing her as a major presence emerging on the music scene, and one that is definitely here to stay. Three thumbs up! ”
-Penny Slinger – GoddessChannel


“Freddie Mercury does the Nutcracker!”
-Wade Hudtson – Mathlab