Thundering Heart- New Video and Single

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Thundering Heart


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Last year, i had one of the most inspiring 24 hours, collaborating with my brother in rhyme, the uber talented Tyson Leonard of TROPO, and videographer Trevor Lawrence. We had 24 hours to write, record, and film this track ‘Thundering Heart’.
The vision is part of a project called TapTheFlow24, bringing artists together for 24 hours to create a piece of work. All proceeds go to support, an organization helping to bring sustainable clean water systems to folks who don’t have access.

One of the reasons I am excited about this song and the vision for ‪#TapTheFlow24‬ is that it gave us all as collaborators permission to say yes, to create magic in the moment for the benefit of a worthy cause.


I cherish our time creating this together and having 24hr limit set on us. It helped me not get trapped in perfectionism. Instead I was encouraged to ride with the magic of the first spark of creativity and musing that landed. No time for self-editing or second guessing a creative decision- an exercise in trust and play.

I REALLY love this song. I’ve been waiting since June to share the magic with you. I hope you enjoy the flow we tapped into for this moment in time. please share if you are inspired by this project. read more about the project vision here, and make a donation for clean water!

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