Water Into Water- New Single and Video

Water Into Water

‘water into water’

Watch Video Here

ever since hearing Deya Dova’s album the Jasmani Garden, I have been loving vocal looping projects, and have been dreaming this sound. while ive been playign with looping for years, I recently have been inspired to go to waterfalls a write songs inspired by the beauty and energy found in these places.

this song, water into water, is the first song created with this intention. after visiting maui last year, i had a prfound experience at one of the most gorgeous falls ive ever been. in portland during my spring tour, i met david talley, and we decided to do an impromptu photo at a waterfall. I was so inspired by the photography, i asked him if i could create a song to go with the photo, and so this song was birthed.

the concept of water falling into water was a metaphor shared with me by word smith, who was relaying buddhist concepts of mindfulness. seeing our own thoughts as water flowing into water. i tried a few times to expand on this concept, attempting to pull through poetry to open up the ideas, get really heady…. and….. nothing. the song wanted to stay simple. go figure.

I am grateful to daniel berkman who brought the magesty with his amazing kora production. thanks to eric o for your special sauce addition and mastering.

enjoy this track. hope you like this flavor. more to flow soon.